Anyone But Me (A book review)

When it comes to talking about Jesus to other people, I’m a world-class wuss. I get nervous, I worry about what the person I want to talk to will think about me. I fear the worst. What if they get angry at me? What if they have a question I can’t answer? What if I … Continue reading Anyone But Me (A book review)

A Message to the Worried

Dear concerned Christian, you may be worried You don’t know what is coming next. You may be afraid for the future of this country, or the future of your family. You may be concerned for your safety and your freedom. You may fear your rights will be infringed, or worse, taken away. You may have … Continue reading A Message to the Worried

Things Christians Don’t Talk About: Environmental Issues

Things Christians Don’t Talk About: Environmental Issues. A preacher received a letter asking if the Bible says anything about taking care of the environment. His non-Christian friends claimed that the Bible is anti-environmental. The Bible, anti-environmental? Of course it’s not anti-environmental... right? Admittedly, the Bible doesn’t say “Only you can prevent forest fires,” “Save the … Continue reading Things Christians Don’t Talk About: Environmental Issues