About Thomas

Hi there, I’m Thomas.

No, I was not named after the Tank Engine. Okay, now to be serious.

First, I’m a Christian. I know that I’m not perfect, which makes me a sinner. But God loves me so much, that He sent Jesus, His son, to die for my sins when I should’ve died.

Second, I’m a writer. What makes me a writer? Because I write. I enjoy writing fiction world and non-fiction posts. I’m not the best, but it’s fun to do.

I’m also a guitarist. Which means I have more guitars then I’ll ever need. I’ve been playing for about two years now. It’s fun.

I also have a few other random nicks and nacks, but that’s not all that important.

The point is, you know what you need to know about me.

That, and I’m 18.

Okay, I’m done now.

Also, here’s a really nice picture of me.