Game Review: Among Us

Murder has become fun.

Among Us, created by the group InnerSloth, is a cartoony mafia or murder mystery-style game, but in space. Despite coming out in 2018, its popularity exploded this year. The game costs $5.99 on Steam, but is free on mobile devices.

The game:

There’s two groups in this game: Crewmates (innocents) and Impostors (murderers). The Crewmates run around the map to complete tasks. If they finish their tasks or figure out who the Impostor(s) is, they win.

The Impostor(s) goal is to kill all but one Crewmate. They can hack into different system to distract the Crewmates or to try and wipe them all out.

At any point in the game, players can report dead bodies or call an emergency meeting and bring everyone together to eject someone (inflict capital punishment based on evidence. Isn’t this fun?). Players can voice chat, usually through Discord, to discuss what they were doing and to accuse someone of being an Impostor.

The ugly parts:

Murder is the focus of the game. Corpses can be found lying around and if you’re killed as a Crewmate, you can die many horrible ways (stabbing, shot in the head, neck twisted, stabbed by some weird alien tongue, etc). When you kill someone as an Impostor, the victim is chopped in half (ugly noises included) and the bottom half is left on the ground. The top half disappears.

While you usually play with friends, you can play with strangers, which can lead to seeing adult language and topics kids should never see. Thankfully, the chat (the kind you type on) is filtered decently.

There aren’t any inappropriate images or scenes, other than dead bodies or murder.

Should you play it?

When you’re an Impostor, you might “need” to lie to keep yourself from being caught. At the same time, Christians are called not to lie.

When I’ve played Among Us, I could avoid lying if I used my words well, even as an Impostor (I’ve lied quite a few time, admittedly). It’s not a great game to help you grow in your faith.


Fun: 4/5. The game is simple, but pretty addicting if you’re playing with friends.

Family-friendliness: 3.5/5. Any murder-centered game isn’t all that family-friendly. But it’s a cleaner game and not as scary.

Play-ability: 4.5/5. The game is easy to understand and you should have no trouble figuring it out. Some parts of the game are hard to play on mobile devices.

Good for Christians: 2.5/5. Encourages lying and seems to show murder as something other than it is.

Among Us looks like fun, but you’ll want to think about it before you get it.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next week.

(P.S. I was on vacation last week. That’s why I didn’t post. I’ll have to share some pictures.)

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